Protect Your Family - and Your Lawn - with All Natural, Eco Friendly Pest Solutions


Here at Tick Terminators, we use All-Natural, Eco-Friendly, and Pet-Safe solutions to protect you and your family from:

tick terminators bill
  • ticks
  • mosquitos
  • ants
  • cockroaches
  • fleas
  • gnats
  • Japanese beatles
  • mites
  • no-se-ums
  • stink bugs
  • thrips

Our technicians are trained tick and mosquito control experts dedicated to one thing: getting rid of harmful pests so that you can enjoy being outside again.


Why Hire Tick Terminators?

Outfitted with the latest gear and backed by the coordination of a top-notch support staff, our technicians in the field get the job done swiftly, thoroughly and safely.  

Tick Terminators use only environmentally friendly solutions to control your tick, mosquito, and pest problems.

Our Services Include:

  • Custom Barrier Sprays
  • All Natural Treatments
  • Special Events
  • Commercial Services
Tick terminators pest solutions

Get Ticked Off with Us


How Does it Work?

1. Schedule Service

Your Tick Terminators service technician will setup a property assessment and seasonal treatment plan.

2. Primary Application

Your first service appointment will be to apply the first treatment to your property. This will control the ticks and mosquitos immediately. 

3. Follow-Up Application

Throughout the season we will treat your property again to maintain the defense barrier needed to keep ticks and mosquitos away!

4. Enjoy the Outdoors!

Relax and enjoy your comfortable and safe outdoor space! Play with your kids, family, and pets knowing ticks and mosquitos are no longer welcome! 

Ready to get started?

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